• Brock Corvette Hall of Fame Induction
    “Recognition of my contributions to the world of Corvette by the National Corvette Museum is perhaps the greatest honor I’ve received in a long, passionate career involved with one of America’s greatest Automobiles.   As a recipient I must share the accolade with the four men who personally encouraged my work and made my influence at GM possible;  Harley Earle, GM’s first VP of Design who had the vision to invent the Corvette; Ed Cole, whose life long engineering expertise with Chevrolet and GM made the Corvette’s V8 the most successful engine in the history of all motorsport; Zora Arkus-Duntov, who had both the experience and vision to define what the Corvette should be and the never ending goal of making constant improvements so that today anyone can enjoy the world’s finest production sports car; and finally, and Bill Mitchell. Most importantly, we all have to thank VP of Design, Bill Mitchell, my boss at GM Styling, who risked his career and position within General Motors to proceed secretly with his dream of designing a better, more beautiful Corvette when top management had decreed the Corvette program was to be terminated as a victim of the AMA ban. Without Mitchell’s determination and love for the Corvette none of us would have these great cars today. Lastly, thanks also to all of you in the Corvette world who personally advocated and endorsed my selection for this great honor.”   Peter Brock 2017 Corvette Hall of Fame!   p.s. The entire Corvette Hall of Fame release can be read here
  • Monterey Car Week, Peter Brock, and the AerovaultMonterey Car Week Aug 15-20
    The next major event Peter will be attending is Monterey Car Week. Since most people want to know where he is going to be, go here for a list of events Peter will be making appearance at.    
  • Peter Brock: Featured Guest at Sovren
    Sovren puts on its premier historic Image result for sovren racing logoevent in 2017 with the Pacific Northwest Historics, saluting the 50th anniversary of the first Trans-Am race at Pacific Raceway just south of Seattle. Peter Brock is the Featured Guest and there will be a great display of many of the cars he’s been involved with, including an Aerovault trailer if you haven’t had the chance to see one up close and personal. There will be three days of racing with over 200 cars expected. Special features, a great vendor’s row, Saturday’s Salmon barbeque and many other events make the PNW Historics special. Get more details or register here. Note: Early bird registration ends June 16th, so if you’d like to enter do it soon!
  • Peter Brock Couture Show Las VegasCouture Las Vegas, Daytona Coupe Watch
    Peter Brock will be at the Couture show in Vegas the first weekend of June where Baume & Mercier will show the Peter Brock-designed Daytona Coupe watch for the first time in the US. Released May 18 is a Q&A with Brock on his work with B&M and when he became interested in watches. Enjoy the read! On The Road with Baume & Mercier
  • Peter Brock Spring Fling Indiana SAACIndiana SAAC’s 40th Spring Fling
    You can’t go wrong with a three day weekend of Shelby cars, friends and a chili picnic at the beautiful Abe Martin Lodge in Nashville, IN. The Brocks will be at the event all weekend to celebrate the Indiana SAAC’s 40th Annual Spring Fling, celebrating all things Shelby American. Amongst other activities, be sure to attend the dinner banquet Saturday where Peter Brock will share archive photos and stories from those amazing days. And come with your questions!


Peter Brock and the Amazing Triumph K Car

Peter Darnall did an amazing job in this article for Veloce Today on August 30, 2016 about Peter Brock and the Triumph TR 250 K. Click the image to read the full article.





Speed Without Power: Peter Brock’s Aerovault II Really Hauls

On June 17, 2016, the Aerovault, was the first trailer ever mentioned in Automobile magazine. Click on the image to read the full article by Robert Cumberford.




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