Welcome to the Products Section of the BRE website, you can directly access the store   HERE.

BRE has a long history of developing high quality, high performance automotive products The recent object of Peter Brock's desire has been the Coupe he developed with Superformance.  As Brock has worked with his own Coupe and driven it over 30,000 miles, he's never stopped improving it.  Today we make available many of the parts Brock has designed for his own personal car.  From wheels to exhaust systems to mirrors to installation aids, Brock never separates function from beauty, and quality is an unwritten requirement at BRE. As one BRE customer relayed:

  "The BRE parts I ordered arrived today. I'm always hesitant to order parts thru the mail but they are of the highest quality.  I should have expected nothing less from you guys."

We also offer a line of apparel, art/posters and "fun stuff" that showcases BRE's heritage, designs and race history.   If you'd like to be informed as more of the products become available, feel free to sign-up here. If you know BRE, you know the quality and graphics are like no one other than BRE can offer.

We've added quite a few models to the website, and every year we have something new and exciting that we've been working on. Model companies have come to us with great representations involving the BRE livery and we can't help but offer them to you with the BRE stamp of approval. Our most recent is this 1:18 scale 510 resin model available with or without the signatures of Peter Brock and John Morton.  If you'd like to be kept up-to-date on developments in this area, feel free to sign-up here.

We recently introduced our new aerodynamic car hauler, the BRE Aerovault. Our goal with the Aerovault was to make a car trailer that was as light, low drag and economical to tow as possible. We initially designed it for ourselves when we couldn't find anything that satisfied our needs. Upon hearing other people complain about their costs for towing their heavy "bread box" trailers and all the "thumbs ups" and shouts of "where do I get one" as we towed ours down the road, we decided to make them commercially available.

Our photography archives are massive. For the first time, we're making select archive images available as reprints.  Any prints you order will be marked on the back as being Authentic Reproductions from the Original BRE collection.  We also have an extensive collection of photography from our past photojournalism work covering endurance and off-road racing around the world.  The selection we currently offer on the site is limited as this was not our initial focus but more images will be added over time.  If you'd like to be informed as they become available, feel free to sign-up here.

If you'd like to be informed as new products become available, feel free to sign-up here.

No matter which products you're interested in, we hope you enjoy the site.