Photography Services

Photography Services

Brocks_in_Peru___Camino_del_Incas_Rally_2002_for_DIRTsports_titleAs a designer and lover of all things automotive, it was natural for Peter Brock to take a camera with him to his first road race at Pebble Beach back in the early ‘50s! He still has some of those photos in the archives. Much later, when working at GM Styling, he drove down to Sebring in 1957 to see the factory Corvettes race, carrying a camera. In the early ‘90s he decided to make motorsports journalism a full-time career.  As the current competition editor for several motorsports magazines he also provides the words that share the sounds and happenings of today’s racing scene to the magazine reading public.

As a life-long “car guy” as Peter calls her, Gayle had the race knowledge but hadn’t spent much time with cameras.  “I knew she had what it took.  She knew racing which meant she could tell ahead of time when something out of the ordinary was about to happen or what was significant about a car.  She also had “the eye” for good design and composition. I’d previously sworn off being with women as I said I’d never live with bad design again and knew finding someone with my appreciation of good design just wasn’t going to happen.  When we first met I immediately noticed her shoes. Interestingly, I find shoe design and car design very similar”, says Peter, laughing.  “Just as in the world of cars, there are what I call “cartoon cars” and the same with shoes. Bad shoes are like cartoons!  You can have your “function but no style” shoes and same with cars; ugly econo boxes and cars designed by people who didn’t grow up understanding what good design was all about. They wear those silly looking “See what I paid to have something ridiculous on my feet” shoes…. I’m sure you know what I mean.  Gayle’s shoes were understated with elegant lines… something that took a good sense of design and priority to pick out of a retail abyss.  As I got to be around her more I found her shoes were the least of the incredible sense of style she had in her life.  She was a natural for photography and these days many more of her images are published then mine!” Peter says beaming with pride.

Gayle reminisces; “I had always gone to races but now I was going to be on the photographers’ side of the fence with Peter.  I’m not the kind of person that can ‘hang out’ very well so I said we were going to have to figure out something for me to do.  I laughed, nervously, when Peter declared: ‘I’ll just teach you to shoot.’  I had my doubts but Peter’s a great instructor.  I knew in my mind what I wanted to capture and he’d show me how to do it.  Having a professional shooting partner also helped me develop my own style. No editor wants to see identical sets of photos from two photographers.  The editing process is ruthless too. That’s the toughest to learn and with the advent of digital and my computer background, I process both Peter and my images.  My learning curve was fast once Peter taught me how he shot. I then applied that to finding a different way to shoot for myself.  Our styles are now very complimentary.  With his appreciation and knowledge of advancements in the industry, he’ll catch all the nuances of technology in his shots… a wheel that hops, an exhaust flame or the grand sweep of an antenna on an off-road car serving as the driver’s life-line.  Even though Peter’s taught me the value of those images and I get them too, I focus more on atmosphere… a desert truck flying through a crowd of hundreds of people, the light of dawn hitting a driver’s eyes.”

Photographic Shooting Services: Gayle and Peter spend most of their time as professional photographers.  They follow several race series and attend an occasional vintage event and Concours.  In addition to their magazine work, they provide photography for sponsors, automotive companies and race teams.  This can be work that leverages their current on-track activities or it can be hired for specific location shoots.  If you have photographic needs you’d like to discuss with this great team, call 702-558-3374 or e-mail here.

Photographic Archival Searches: BRE’s photo archives are very extensive. Our image collection numbers in the hundreds of thousands. BRE has shot for numerous automotive publications including Autoweek, Road and Track, Sports Car international, Excellence, Forza, Corvette, Esquire, Robb Report, The NY times, Auto Aficionado, and various foreign publications as well. This documentation of racing history is a collection of images that covers every type of competition imaginable from Le Mans to Baja. BRE’s coverage is mostly pavement; road courses with the ALMS from 1995 to the present, because that’s where our main assignments were, but also includes various off-road events with SCORE and BITD during that same time period; practically all the Baja 1000 and 500 races. We have quite a comprehensive file on the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb from the last ten years. There is some oval track history with early IRL in Florida and Arizona and some early NASCAR Craftsman Truck racing. Very little NHRA drag racing unfortunately, as we couldn’t be everywhere at once.

If there’s a particular location, car or personality you are searching for, contact us and let us know your specific requirements. We can confirm whether or not our archives cover what you need.  An extensive search can be done at the rate of $55/hr with a 1 hour minimum. BRE’s images are not sold exclusively, but we do sell on a non-exclusive basis for private and commercial use. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you think we can help. The best way is to contact us via e-mail here, as were often out on assignment but can then get back with you when we return or feel free to call us at 702-558-3374.