About Us

Peter and Gayle in Peru

In 1965, Peter Brock left Shelby American to start his own company, Brock Racing Enterprises, most commonly known in the racing community as BRE. Prior to this point, Brock had some pretty impressive successes in the automotive design field. While working at GM styling in 1957, he penned the classic forms that would eventually become the famed ’63 “split window” Corvette Stingray. Later, after moving to California he designed the body for the World Championship winning Cobra Daytona Coupe for Shelby American.

On his own with BRE, he not only was designing cars for companies like Hino, Toyota and Triumph, he started his own race team and literally put the Japanese automotive industry into the history books with his famed team of BRE Datsuns, winning two C Production National Championships with the 240Z and two 2.5 Trans-Am Championships with driver John Morton and his beloved BRE Datsun 510s.

Brock soon became entranced with hang gliding and after a decade long affair with ultralight flight and building the largest hang gliding company in the world, Brock returned to automobiles. He taught automotive design for two years at his Alma Mater, the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and then in 1990 began writing a best selling book on the history of the Cobra Daytona Coupes.

Upon the book’s release, several magazine editors decided Brock might be a good person to contribute articles and yet another career was born. In 1997 he was contacted by Superformance about doing a redesign of the original Cobra Daytona Coupe, a project that has resulted in the production of a far more sophisticated and higher performance version of his original design.

Today Brock spends his time primarily covering races all over the world with his wife Gayle, shooting the action and writing for a number of American and foreign magazines. He also enjoys designing and developing race quality parts and accessories for the small but constantly expanding, enthusiastic group of Superformance Coupe owners from around the globe.

Gayle Brock began her career in the computer industry. Some of the most successful US-based companies benefited from, and awarded, her contributions. She learned the computer business literally from the ground up, starting 30 years ago with roles in programming, engineering, marketing, and sales and ultimately led successful teams as VP of Marketing and Sales. Gayle moved to the Seattle area in 1993 to join Microsoft Corporation. She loved the dynamic environment and the independence the company gave its employees to run their own piece of the business. She often commented she could never work for another high-tech firm after Microsoft. It had spoiled her. But as a life long “car guy” as Peter refers to her, there were things beyond computers that interested her.

Peter and Gayle met at the races and married in the year 2000. In addition to her day job, Gayle then spent weekends and vacation time at races with Peter. “I had always gone to the races but now I was going to be with him on the photographers’ side of the fence. I said we should figure out something for me to do as I don’t “hang out” very well. Peter breezily said: “I’ll teach you how to shoot…. and he did.” Gayle has become a renowned automotive photographer in her own right with her work appearing in and on magazine covers worldwide. At the same time her business and computer background came in handy for BRE and she led their transition from film to digital photography, even helping the magazines they worked with make the move.

In 2005 she left the computer industry to join Peter and BRE full-time. Her immediate goal was to archive the vast array of BRE’s photographs, posters, and other memorabilia. With most of that work done, she continues to work to find ways to execute on Peter’s goals of auto parts and accessory development and sales.

The Brocks feel extremely lucky. Not only do they have a great time together but their skills complement each other. Peter is the designer and dreamer, the idea guy; Gayle’s the organizer, planner and number cruncher, the business manager. Together they make dreams come true.