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Peter Brock has become a blogger!  Sometimes referred to as the Energizer Bunny, Brock continues to delight us with his designs, insights and stories.

Now you don’t have to go to an event to ask Brock a question. He will answer your questions online on his blog, which will also make the answers available for all to see.  You may want to ask questions about a project or vehicle Brock has worked on, a person he may have worked with, a design, his photography career or a question on current automotive happenings on which you would like his opinion.

Brock may not be able to get to all questions but he’ll try. Brock’s answers may be in various formats such as a text response or as video. Often Brock will have something in his archives or in the shop he will share.

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Bob Bondurant and Peter Brock
I was thrilled of course but by the end of the ’64 season the Coupe was already well-proven. What I felt most about the’65 Championship was elation for driver Bob Bondurant. He went to the mat with the Coupes in Europe. Alan Mann, team owner and manager for the Cobra team in ’65 in Europe, was rough on Bob. He made it clear to Bob his English drivers were to win over him. Bob employed
I’ve been lucky to have been invited to some great under-the-radar museums. Here are some of my favorites: •  The Chaparral Gallery in the Petroleum Museum in Midland, TX. Jim Hall’s collection of Chaparral’s is fascinating. Here you can see and compare how rare innovation and brilliance changed our sport forever. The oil field displays are pretty impressive too. This is where implausible inventions were created because no one had ever done what these wildcatin’
First, let me say that Baja racing is my favorite form of automotive competition. Baja racing culture is about life, speed, the beauty of the land and enjoying everything to its fullest extent. The fact that the rules are fairly free, with minimum oversight allows lots of innovation for the competitors. As for ourselves… with no fences, an open road and no self-inflated officials blowing whistles, screaming or telling you where you can’t stand means
As successful as the Shelby American operation was, Carroll didn’t really understand the potential of a viable brand using his name with his attendant racing success. Any attempt on my part to upgrade our initial “Shelby” or “Goodyear” merchandise was met with resistance because of cost. Shelby saw the advantage of promoting his name with “T” shirts but would only allow the cheapest materials to minimize cost. He didn’t understand that superior materials would last
type 65 with peter brock
The Type 65 “Super Coupe” was designed to replace the Daytona Cobra Coupe in 1965.  It had a 427 engine, modern suspension and a shape that would theoretically have allowed speeds well over 200 mph.  What it didn’t have was a moveable driver-controlled wing at the rear called a “Ring Airfoil” that was initially planned for the Daytona Cobra Coupe. Had the wing been used on the Daytona it would have been faster, safer and

12 thoughts on “July 4th it will be 54 years when the Daytona Cobra Coupe won the FIA GT World Championship. What was it like for you when that happened?

  1. Bob won 5 out of the 7 races the the Coup….Alan Mann just didn’t understand car drivers desire to win. Also true of management, e.g. Ford at ’66 Le Mans……

  2. That win made very proud for the American team especially with an American driver.
    Your design was a real winner and proved it. Let’s do it again!

  3. Bondo’s Independence Day win was icing on the Daytona effort cake.
    Ken Miles quote made my day: “This thing’s a rocket ship.”
    As always, great to hear the “story-behind-the-story”; keep them coming!

    Happy Independence Day to Bob Bondurant, Peter, Gayle and BRE Team !

  4. Mr. Brock it was a pleasure to meet you and John Morton at Z Con in Atlanta last year. Thanks for signing my helmet which I have proudly displayed in my office. Congrats on your the 54th year of a timeless design.

  5. I met Peter at Saratoga. He showed me a picture of the coupe and said he wanted a longer tail for the coupe and would have made it faster yet. He didn’t think it would of passed specs but the officials never checked it so he would have gotten away with a longer one.

  6. Enthusiasts in the USA should be proud and appreciative of what Pete Brock and the Shelby American Team accomplished.

    The Cobra Daytona Coupe and Shelby American are the ONLY American automobile manufacturer to win the World GT Manufacturers Championship!

  7. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts it would always be Christmas. So, here’s my ifs for my Christmas. If Shelby would have permitted the coupe to continue at Daytona, it would have likely won class and maybe even overall. It was seven laps ahead when the fire occurred. That would have added enough points to beat Ferrari in 64.

  8. The HEADY days of racing. A beautiful car designed by the “master”. Peter Brock knew about drag on a car especially if it had a long tail. He had studied aerodynamics [from the German papers] as far back as 1957 while working on the C2 Corvette. Thank goodness Shelby did not change this concept,

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