Welcome to the History Section of the BRE website

In this section you’ll find how Peter Brock began his automotive design career and an overview of his designs, whether they be automobiles or graphics.  We spend the majority of our time covering Brock’s work with GM Styling, Shelby American, BRE and most recently Superformance.  

We then follow Brock’s racing career. Life changed for BRE and the Japanese automotive industry when Brock won the Mission Bell 100 (a support race to the famed Riverside Grand Prix in ’66) in an unknown car called the Hino Contessa 1300. That led to the famed BRE Datsun race team and to Brock’s beloved Baja racing. We also share a selection of our archive images which are available as reprints. In the near future more photography will be made available and more BRE products  will come online. If you’d like to be notified as to when updates have been made, sign-up here. We hope you enjoy the site