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Peter Brock has become a blogger!  Sometimes referred to as the Energizer Bunny, Brock continues to delight us with his designs, insights and stories.

Now you don’t have to go to an event to ask Brock a question. He will answer your questions online on his blog, which will also make the answers available for all to see.  You may want to ask questions about a project or vehicle Brock has worked on, a person he may have worked with, a design, his photography career or a question on current automotive happenings on which you would like his opinion.

Brock may not be able to get to all questions but he’ll try. Brock’s answers may be in various formats such as a text response or as video. Often Brock will have something in his archives or in the shop he will share.

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Cobra Killers
Back in the ‘60s things were pretty fluid in the racing world and a person could be involved in several different projects, unlike today where you mostly have to be dedicated solely to the team you’re with. Even while working at Shelby’s I raced my own cars, including a small 1000cc Hino sedan and a 1300cc Hino Contessa, both right hand drive. Fast cars attracted a lot of stars back then and they would just
DeTomaso P72 US unveiling
First, I’d get a hotel room reserved no later than March. You can always cancel days you decide not to attend but finding a room much later than that could be a problem.  Next, accept that you can’t go to everything. You may look at a schedule and the map and think it’s doable but add an hour to any estimated travel time for the heavier than normal traffic and the time it takes to
First, thanks for acknowledging the book award. Time passes so quickly we haven’t had a chance to even post the news on our own social media pages. The award is a real honor, especially considering the competition it was up against and that it’s a reasonably priced soft cover book. I never thought it would be a contender but thankfully the judges focused on the content and quality. The book covers my years of design
The Race - Trans Am 1971
Click for entire Autoweek Nov 6, 1971 article It amazes me how this race still sets off people’s passions. No one would probably even remember it today if it weren’t for those hard-core Alfa fans who mistakenly insist the cheating Alfa was robbed of the championship.  More than 10 years ago, after a Trans-Am panel discussion at the Petersen Museum, we sent out a newsletter that mentioned how the driver of the cheater Alfa admitted
laguna seca
Nurburgring The length, difficulty to learn, numerous turns, elevation changes, location in the woods of Germany, amazing history.  Gayle and I went there last year for the first time in almost 20 years. We couldn’t believe how built up it is now. It used to be a place in the middle of nowhere with one hotel.  Now there are many hotel choices, restaurants, shops, etc. In addition to the great track experience it is now

9 thoughts on “Someone told me you were in the 1964 movie The Killers. Can you tell us more?

  1. What fun it would be for George and Peter to reunite on a film project about the early days of the Cobra program. Great human interest from developing paint schemes and attending film school, swimming upstream with the Coupe design and being told by many it won.t work, to attempting to sell American Graffiti to one studio after another. And when funding is finally secured, being abruptly kicked out of a film site because of noisy cars. The results, a World Championship and the highest grossing film of its year. Who better to direct than Ron Howard. more fun than the GT program.

  2. Love that movie, Reagan wasnt too bad either. I know you know Peter but for those that don’t Peter’s Ford Falcon parts chaser was in the movie too.

  3. Wrong P. Serna. My late father was an extra, not I.
    I am A Pete Brock fan as well as a Shelby fan. Thanks.

    1. Hi Bill….It was Bob Bondurant who did much of the teaching to several on the Grand Prix movie. Bob taught for me at Shelby’s race school until Shelby closed the school, and the Cobra program, to concentrate on the GT40s. After the GT40 program shut down, Bob left and started his own school. The rest as they say, is history!

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