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Peter Brock has become a blogger!  Sometimes referred to as the Energizer Bunny, Brock continues to delight us with his designs, insights and stories.

Now you don’t have to go to an event to ask Brock a question. He will answer your questions online on his blog, which will also make the answers available for all to see.  You may want to ask questions about a project or vehicle Brock has worked on, a person he may have worked with, a design, his photography career or a question on current automotive happenings on which you would like his opinion.

Brock may not be able to get to all questions but he’ll try. Brock’s answers may be in various formats such as a text response or as video. Often Brock will have something in his archives or in the shop he will share.

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peter brock with clay model
The main difference was the oversight and the number of people involved. At GM I was working for Bill Mitchell the VP of corporate design with some 27 years of experience in heading several teams of designers in various studios. At Shelby’s, I was completely on my own in designing the Daytona simply because it was my idea to begin with and there was no one else in our small team of fabricators and mechanics
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The history of BRE’s Datsun parts business during and after the TransAm championships seems totally undocumented.   1. How important was the parts business to the viability of BRE? One of the main tenants of my contract with Mr. Katayama (Mr. K), the President of the western half of Datsun USA, was that we’d make all the race development information and speed equipment we designed for the BRE race cars available to anyone who seriously
Ken Miles
Ken Miles made all the difference in the world in my success at Shelby’s.  First, when I started for Carroll and ran his driving school, I only had less than a dozen races under my belt. I hadn’t been back from GM Styling in Michigan too long before I hooked up with Carroll and he asked if I’d run his school. I wasn’t about to question my driving experience and turn down this amazing opportunity.

15 thoughts on “What was the difference between designing cars at GM vs. Shelby?

  1. What I like about Peter is that he is not only a great designer but also a great person. He has touched all the American car Icons not only with his design prowess but also with the teams he has put together. Designing and racing are in his blood. If only Carroll Shelby had given Peter to race the Shelby cars in competition his legacy would have also included winning races. Peter is one of a kind and we are just happy to have met him and enjoyed not only the 1963 Corvette that he influenced but also the Aerovault Trailer he designed. We look forward to your open house in Oct.
    Both you and Gayle must stay healthy and enjoy everyday to its fullest.

    1. Hi Darwin….I had a chance to see the new Shelby documentary movie in Monterey. It was made by Adam Corolla’s team. It’s more than two hours long, so covers a big time span. I don’t know when it’ll be officially released but I’ll let you know if I hear anything. Peter

  2. Where did you get your skills as a designer, from what I keep reading, it was very “engineer-minded” designs, but they were all still so beautifully shaped

    1. Thanks for your interest in my design philosophy Simon. Wherever possible I prioritize function. Initially, this may create an unfamiliar form, but if it’s successful it’s esthetic beauty then becomes self-evident. As the for basic skills to display these ideas? Those can be learned at any good design school like Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Ca or the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit.

  3. Excellent information Pete. I have read your Corvette book and always enjoyed learning about your time at GM.

    The Daytona Coupe is the epitome of functional beauty!

    Enthusiasts world wide thank you for sticking by your Daytona Coupe design and build when the company was filled with doubters!

  4. had the pleasure of hearing your presentation at Simeone museum 11/16 and meeting you after to show pictures of my 63 Sebring Silver Split Window Coupe. I still get goose bumps when re-reading your book [Corvette Stingray: Genesis of an American Icon] over and over. Besides my copy, I gave each of my 2 sons signed copies as well as they also appreciate the C2 Corvette. Thanks for your web site and Blog.

  5. Hi Peter, really enjoying your blog and reading your personal views and experiences on subjects dear to your fans hearts.

  6. Hello Pete,

    Thank You for sharing another personal account and insight on the history of the cars that we all love. Really enjoy reading these and always look forward to the next.

    Thanks Again,
    Tom Marshalek

  7. Why an I not surprised about Pete’s career….know him and Gayle well, but love the details….it’s always disappointing to see Car Execs short sighted on future…we/they can thank Mitchell for sticking to his believes and selecting Pete’s ideas…..Ford was better because of Shelby with the Cobra, GT350 and Daytona Coupe once again with Pete right there to make it happen!!

  8. Hi there, Pete!

    I absolutely love these fascinating and brief stories! Thank you for sharing your wonderful history!

    Greatly appreciated!

    John Saia

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