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The BRE Parts Business

The history of BRE’s Datsun parts business during and after the TransAm championships seems totally undocumented.


1. How important was the parts business to the viability of BRE?

One of the main tenants of my contract with Mr. Katayama (Mr. K), the President of the western half of Datsun USA, was that we’d make all the race development information and speed equipment we designed for the BRE race cars available to anyone who seriously wanted to race Datsuns. The BRE parts business was implemented first as a program that could provide well-proven equipment to privateers. We could provide any special part whether it was a camshaft or a complete race car ready to run.

2. What was the relationship between BRE, Datsun Competition Parts and Interpart, and what was the genesis of Interpart?

In time, the parts business grew to the point where I created Interpart, a standalone company. Interpart attracted outside investors who bought the company and operated it independently from BRE. This was the Interpart era. After BRE stopped racing, Datsun management elected to run their own separate program that became Datsun Competition Parts.

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3. Was the Brock Buster a marketing piece to promote the parts business?

The “Brock Buster” 510 was a scale model (as it was identified on the box) of my bright yellow street 510.  The car was never called by the Brock Buster name on the street… it was always called the “Screamin’ Yellow Zonker!” but that name was tied up with a snack company for their packaged glazed popcorn so the name was unavailable for commercial use (e.g. as the name for a model of the car). The Screamin’ Yellow Zonker was built primarily to showcase all the parts available to those who dreamed of having a fast and reliable 510.revell zonker box


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4. How long did the parts business remain viable and provide income?

Today BRE still builds and sells many exterior parts for 510s and 240Zs like spoilers, Spooks (air dams) wheels and mirrors.

Here's an extra piece of history. Click on this article reprint from Hot Rod Magazine '71-'72, to read more about the history of the BRE parts business.

3 thoughts on “The BRE Parts Business

  1. Brock surely had to be one of the first in racing to think to offer their race parts to the public for street cars. No wonder Datsuns became so popular.

  2. A friend who worked w/me at GM in LA had one of those 510s with some of your parts and I remember it was a ball to drive. Sure surprised quite a few Alfas and Mustangs on the street.
    Never a big fan of rice rockets and furrin cars, the 510 changed my outlook.

    We used to like to watch you guys race @ Laguna. Those cars were surprisingly fast.

    I looked up the article in my HRM collection just for fun.

  3. Hi Pete….thanks for the info I didn’t know…..while reading It came to mind my son-in-laws business with his father: they make gears of all kinds and for all industries… might check it out to see what they are capable of for your business….bob

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